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Using Git on Windows

In order to use git GUI in windows 8.1, you can try the following programs: Github for Windows ( https://windows.github.com/...


Filename letter case on Windows

Please be aware that Github for Windows does not update the letter case changes in filenames. This could turn into...


Adding Twitter Bootstrap repository to your own project

Adding Twitter Bootstrap repository to your own project can be done by using Git Shell, with the following command:




verysimplecaching is a yet not-very-friendly standalone php one-file caching system. This file was created for usage with WordPress, in order...


Starfish PHP Microframework

Today I have published my first Github project, and open source framework. Starfish is a one file minimum SINGLETON-Registry and...


Political Colours of Romania

The project offers open access in a friendly, interactive and visual way to public information regarding the spatial distribution of...