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Downloading your Ubuntu droplet. Or the data in it.

I have recently put in some hours for organising my two existing droplets – actually combining them into a single one. After a lot of cleanup, backing up and moving stuff – when everything seemed done and they were ready to be deleted, I still had a sour taste at the thought that I will delete something I used for almost three years. (more…)

About the site

The purpose of this website is to keep track of my personal growth as a programmer. I post here articles that I found interesting, solutions to problems I have encountered and last but not least, display information about my latest projects and achievements.

As regards latest projects, due to the fact that not all clients have agreed to publicly list information about their products, you should request my CV for making sure the information you get is up to date.

This website’s articles are structured under four main categories:

  • Projects
    Here is my work – completed sites, open-source contributions etc.;
  • Tutorials
    These are mainly solutions to more complex problems I have encountered and also reflections of my experience so far;
  • Development
    Here are smaller solutions in my every day work. They are also shown in the Development widget;
  • Tools
    This section will show tools that help me in the every day development of web applications and websites.